Two weeks after hurricane Chicago

It seems as though this summer has flown by. I hate to use such a trite phrase to describe what has been anything but trite, however, it’s three o’clock in the morning and It’s all I have.

Other than catching up with family, I have been doing a lot of soul-searching and trying to understand what happened this summer. Yes, the obvious facts are that I was an intern for CBS channel 2 in Chicago, I learned a lot and saw a lot of cool things. But I’m sure there are plenty of books, poems, songs, and blogs about what a young man goes through during a large change in their life. Maybe this literature features reflections after the incident, but I’d like to think that the meat of the story is after life change… the heart beat slows the adrenaline wears off. Your mind stops racing at 1000 mph and you’re left with vague memories and fresh wounds.

Well my story takes place after an internship, not a war. But I hope it will reflect the change that has taken place in my life as I end my journey in Chicago, pick up my life back in the mountains of North Carolina, and prepare for the new journey of finding a job.